(Seine-et-Marne, France)
Surveyed: 1972-74, 1977, 1992-98, 2015
This is an experimental section where John James is attempting to identify the carvers though the use of common templates and/or a recognisable manners of carving. Such a large-scale analysis of all the capitals in these buildings has not been attempted before. As an ongoing enterprise that is still in its infancy, we seek your input. John believes this has the potential to increase our understanding of how they worked and to provide a more solid basis for dating than we have had.
North lower west wall
Triple piers in south part of west wall for an interior that was taller than today, by altogether 6 courses, and the north wall raised at the same time.
Foundations and with a north to south direction as piscines become more elaborate
Chapel bases, and walls intending a huge building as seen in stone size and height of plinths; work continued possibly to above the sills with the chapel capitals and start of vaults [see "Templatemakers" 24-5]: an Add-a-Chapel scheme; stepped joints in walls to west of first column; alternation in piers; plinths and torus in one stone.
Straight east walls continued a little on chapel piers,
West bay with stairs and dado begun, to lower slot window..
Rest of NW corner staircase built in one campaign as all slot windows equal. Includes adjacent tracery windows; showing they intended wider and taller west end; most wall caps together and chapel vaults
North and south sanctuary raised to vaults
Choir arcade piers and capitals supporting pointed arches and preparation for a very tall building.
Triforium and clerestory; rebuilt western entry with stairs.

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