(Val-d'Oise, France)
Surveyed: 1980-83, 2002, 2015
This is an experimental section where John James is attempting to identify the carvers though the use of common templates and/or a recognisable manners of carving. Such a large-scale analysis of all the capitals in these buildings has not been attempted before. As an ongoing enterprise that is still in its infancy, we seek your input. John believes this has the potential to increase our understanding of how they worked and to provide a more solid basis for dating than we have had.
Lower walls of transepts with square pilasters at junctions with crossing piers, and chapels; probably all round the nave and west wall too.
Extra arches east side of transepts to reinforce the walls for towers intended that determined the width earlier apse, probably just onside the existing drums, only built on the north; also springing over corner pilaster shows where work on transept may have stopped and the manner of support on central piers suggests sat on earlier piers that were smaller and maybe flanking a smaller opening.
Four different designs for shafts and bases to the piers suggests separate campaigns in the lower courses, possibly being laid within the earlier church for the least disturbance to the services; WS1 crossing pier has larger shafts than the other three; note that the nave has been restored.
WS2 has smaller leading shaft than the others in the nave, junction on WS2 where facing shafts reduced; the spacing suggests would have demolished west wall.
Three crossing piers large shafts for ribs; with hints in remaining stones that this was separate from the choir
Shafts on north wall of nave and WS3 have smaller diameters throughout
The more complex imposts over the capitals suggest that the crossing and outer walls of ambulatory with single shafts were carved together, perhaps coinciding with the demolition of the earlier church.
Upper courses of the choir piers with capitals, the simpler imposts and arches; ambulatory imposts have curved faces inside and out.
Choir gallery built in one campaign from arcade to clerstory.
Choir clerestory and start of windows and vaults..
Choir window sills and frames, external buttresses finishing in supports for the flyer arches, and preparation for the interior vaults.
North vault and tower, apsidal chapel and south adjacent wall

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