(Val-d'Oise, France)
Surveyed: 1972-74, 1980-83, 2003, 2014
This is an experimental section where John James is attempting to identify the carvers though the use of common templates and/or a recognisable manners of carving. Such a large-scale analysis of all the capitals in these buildings has not been attempted before. As an ongoing enterprise that is still in its infancy, we seek your input. John believes this has the potential to increase our understanding of how they worked and to provide a more solid basis for dating than we have had.
Western wall including lateral buttresses with all the south wall, but with a vertical joint 1.5m along the wall; on the interior pier shafts for ribs; no allowance for ribs in the south aisle.
North aisle wall with shafts designed for ribs; nave piers, also for ribs, but set out differently to those in the north wall.
Nave arcade and vaults in three campaigns; taken to top of rings to wall shafts where wall gets thinner; includes window in west wall; both sets of capitals seem from the same campaign.
Nave clerestory capitals with window sills and high vaults;
Set out and constructed the choir ambulatory, crossing and transepts very rapidly from the late-70s; much of the upper courses and windows in the ambulatory chapels were replaced later;
Choir gallery including transepts
Choir clerestory including transepts and rose windows; vaults completed a century later;

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