(Aisne, France)
Surveyed: 1977, 1980-83, 2003, 2014
This is an experimental section where John James is attempting to identify the carvers though the use of common templates and/or a recognisable manners of carving. Such a large-scale analysis of all the capitals in these buildings has not been attempted before. As an ongoing enterprise that is still in its infancy, we seek your input. John believes this has the potential to increase our understanding of how they worked and to provide a more solid basis for dating than we have had.
West wall of north transept has 8 courses from an earlier building; there was probably an earlier nave west wall in line with pier 4 that would have remained when the nave was finished;
North wall to north with bases and shafts to 8 courses, joined to the remnants of the older wall;
Bases to crossing piers, including bases on south entry into nave where steps down to floor before the sw corner; both northern walls to window sill plus 3 courses;
North and crossing capitals and start of vaults; starts arch over north side of south entry into nave; bases for the south wall;
Vaults in north and crossing with upper north window; on south windows to one course above sill drip; completes the arch over south entry into nave aisle;
Complete north and crossing vaults with the upper walls; on the south carves the capitals, starts the vaults with thinner ribs above tas-de-charge and rose in south wall;
North aisle walls to 7 courses above torus in the north as far as east side of blocked door, where stopped, possibly to avoid earlier building; south aisle wall of 6 courses from transept to east jamb of south door; probably together as both sets of bases have splayed plinths;
Bases to the west portal and west wall and stairs to tread 3; intended a projection on the inside, possibly for an inner gable or internal portal;
Nave aisle windows have different sill heights in north and south, and from fall in the land presume the south was later; some work on walls on west side of both side doors, but messy; some aisle capitals;
Western bay to caps and vault, inner projection removed; continued to just under (a+) window slope; western capitals have different imposts and plans to those further east;
Carved corbels with heads alongside portal, started the gable and (a+) windows;
Removed old nave piers to eastern 3 bays and carved drums with different imposts; something still left standing in the way from the confused work in the walls and the leaving of the two w4 piers; carved the first arcade bases for the shafts for the high vault;
All aisle vaults and arcade arches, completed in two parts as shafts over piers varied; third stage of the western wall to the top of windows with western shafts;
Clerestory wall somewhat higher in east, built slowly with vaults; all clerestory vaults begun together;
Last bay in the west with lancets and rose, now replaced;

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