(Oise, France)
Surveyed: 1972-74, 1980-83, 1992-98, 2003, 2015
This is an experimental section where John James is attempting to identify the carvers though the use of common templates and/or a recognisable manners of carving. Such a large-scale analysis of all the capitals in these buildings has not been attempted before. As an ongoing enterprise that is still in its infancy, we seek your input. John believes this has the potential to increase our understanding of how they worked and to provide a more solid basis for dating than we have had.
Apsidiole and two bays to west crossing piers.
Base to south tower with rib vaults, while shortly afterwards the lower courses of the west crossing piers and nave piers to the second bay, and then in the next campaign the next bay; no vaults were planned for the aisles; lower two stages of the square tower.
Nave aisle capitals, arcade arches and corbels for vaults with heights that were altered in a later campaign.
Western crossing piers to capitals and arch
The spandrel over the arch built with the upper walls of nave to the top of the clerestory capitals.
Two eastern bays between old apse and the west crossing arch; opening left for transepts; two bays between apsidiole and nave removed.
Third level of tower with octagonal plan and very thin spire that may have been many years in the making; reinforcing haunches in the corners to create stability many years later.
Eastern vaults completed.

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