Saint-Martin-aux-Bois (Oise)


Building Data

  • Type: Abbey Church
  • Affiliation: Victorine
  • Original Diocese:
  • Region: Picardie
  • Department: Oise
  • Coords: 49.522, 2.5708
  • Surveyed: 1972-74, 1980-83, 2015


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Timeline and Costing Data (if available, in building units)


Phase 1 - 1230 - setout (b) - 90 Units

The lowest courses, with enormous blocks of stone and bases; design like Ourscamp choir, but earlier as the scotia has not closed; the upstand over the torus blocks for the shafts is also found at Ourscamp

Phase 2 - 1240 - east aisle (s) - 125 Units

Church lower walls and windows in one large campaign of 23 courses (less in the piers) to the aisle capitals; the piers of the western bay are large and suggest they were to support a tower; the details of the eastern windows are those of the Sainte-Chapelle upper chapel and Beauvais ambulatory; the applied tracery over the aisle walls with circular caps; the aisle vaults had wooden ties and the capitals are bec supporting a one-course tas-de-charge; the vice has consistent 2 to 3 treads/block to the top of the triforium windows

Phase 3 - 1240 - east (a,t) - 319 Units

Church aisle vaults, triforium and eastern window; the fine tracery was first stabilized above the level of the aisle capitals suggesting that all these tall lancets were constructed with the upper parts of the church, though the sills had been laid out beforehand;

Phase 4 - Later - choir (c)

Choir clerestory possibly in the next decade, and I have the impression that it was intended to be even taller, bit the height was set a little lower.