Provins (Seine-et-Marne)


Building Data

  • Type: Priory Church
  • Affiliation: Benedictine
  • Original Diocese:
  • Region: Ile-de-France
  • Department: Seine-et-Marne
  • Coords: 48.560, 3.3032
  • Surveyed: 1972-74, 1977, 1980-83, 2012, 2015


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Timeline and Costing Data (if available, in building units)


Phase 2 - 1120 - w portals 1 - 45 Units

West portals phase 1 to a setback at course 9.

Phase 3 - 1130 - w portals 2 - 45 Units

West portals phase 2 to a setback at course 17 just below lintels.

Phase 4 - 1190 - nave (a) 1 - 140 Units

There were at least four campaigns in setting out the nave piers, and with five different heights to the aisle capitals, while the north arcade has a varied history with bases and capitals at different heights, pilier cantonnee from different periods, and round arches; the north side of pier 6 has 1190 capitals, piers 2 and 5 are replacements, but because the arcade arches are round with the same profiles the changes to intermediate piers happened after the arcade was finished; there used to be aisles to the north, just inside the second row of replacement drums in line with the En1 shaft; there is also a change of levels in the floor, and a row of stones over where the wall may have been; at one time the capitals over aisle piers were 4 or 5 courses lower, and were later raised to their present height.

Phase 5 - 1200 - nave (a) 2 - 15 Units

Pillier cantonnee N4 has square imposts.

Phase 6 - 1210 - west (t) - 133 Units

South nave piers and against west wall; in WN7 capital height reduced to suit heights in the rest of the north arcade, while the work was taken to capitals with pointed arcade arches; the capitals of pilier cantonnee WN3 have chamfered imposts as on the south.

Phase 7 - 1220 - west (c) - 75 Units

Nave south aisle triplet shafts added onto earlier piers to same import height, but different profiles. In S6-7 the wall capitals were placed lower, with an inclined stringcourse; arches added to inside of arcade arches to support triforium passage over the aisle vaults.

Phase 8 - 1220 - east (c) - 86 Units

Triforium and clerestory capitals at the same level, with round arches to triforium completed over 4 or 5 campaigns to the same elevation; there used to be a passage on the north as on south and with it the upper section of west front.

Phase 1 - Earlier

Crossing and tower, south chapel 1-3 that was reconstructed later.

Phase 9 - Later

High vaults